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    Ayruvedic Cool Pitta Soy Candle

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    • Use : Birthdays,Religious Activities,Home Decoration,Weddings
    • Handmade : Yes


    100% Natural Rich Soy with 100% Cotton Wicks.

    Uplifts. Deepens and Relaxes. Peppermint cools your mind. Calms and Soothes you when you are feeling irratted and overheated. This blend is for fiery types who want to chill out and get grounded into their power. Pitta energy is zippy, fast, very mental, it rules the elements of Fire + Water. So balancing all that mental heat requires some cooling. And then you discover that actually, peace is power.

    Features natural Ayurvedic ingredients, such as spearmint, citrus, lemon and orchid.

    A cooling blend of mint with a subtle citrus twist and floral finish.

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