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    Copilux A4 Paper (500 Sheets)- 80 g

    • 225,000ریال |

    • Per pack

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    Product Specifications

    • Paper Weight (g) : 80
    • Pulp Material : Wood Pulp
    • Size (cm) : 29.7 * 21
    • Layer : 1
    • Waterproof : No
    • Applicable Models : Ink Jet Printer


    COPILUX Blue Copy is one of the most widely used and best-selling papers in the Iranian market. This paper is made of cellulosic fibers that is made up of white paper and then produced by A4 laser cutting at 80 grams. The length of each sheet of paper A4 is copper blue, 29.7 cm, and Their width is 21 cm, which is the standard length and width of A4 paper; luxurious copy paper is packed in 500 packs and 5 packs in the market.

    Deluxe copy paper is suitable for laser printers, ink jet printers, fax machines and fax machines, as well as for sale in the office and accessories market. Deluxe copy paper is one of the people most concerned with printers, because the high quality of this paper prevents the paper from cracking and wrinkling on the copier and damaging the printer and the copier. Deluxe copy paper from Indonesia is imported into Iran and also cut and packaged in Tehran in various sizes and delivered to all cities of the country.

    SA SA, a sales representative of Copy Paper in Iran, is proud to bring Copimax branded A4 paper at its lowest price in order to respect the rights of consumers and its loyal customers.

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