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    Folding Furniture L10 Code

    • 19,500,000ریال |

    • $185|
    • €170|
    • Per piece

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    Product Specifications

    • Material : Wooden
    • Material : Fabric
    • Usage : Bedding Room
    • Usage : Office
    • Usage : Hotel
    • Kind : Sofa
    • Folded : Folded
    • Height Adjustable : Unadjustable
    • Condition : New
    • Feature : Water Proof,Anti-rust



    Bed linen fabrics Code L 10 is a simple velvet fabric that is available in a variety of colors. This living room is available in double and single occupancy. The bed frame of the L 10 code is of high iron content.


    The mechanism of this three-piece bed is simple, so that the mattress is arranged diagonally up and forth to bring the piece under the mattress, then the backrest is laid in front of the bed to provide bedding. It is worth remembering that a double sofa is suitable for sleeping two people and a single sofa sofa is suitable for one person's sleep.


    One of the advantages of the bedding furniture, the L 10 code, is that it is flat so that there is no need to move the sofa to open the bed, and all the pieces are opened forward. This issue is of great importance in light of the heaviness of its bedding.


    Bedroom furniture The L10 code is suitable for personalized homes, offices, organizations, personal offices, exhibitions and medical offices, and its beautiful sofa will make your living space more intimate and livable.


    In the bedding mattress, the L10 code used is a 30kg sponge that has the ability to withstand high weight and shows its elastic and recoil state when it ascends from the sofa.


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