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How can I post news on the company page?

There is a section on abarlink website called “News”. You can insert latest news about your business or company for your customers on this section. In order to post news, go to the “News Items” section from the “Content Management” menu and do the following steps:

  • Click on the “Add New” button.
  • Select your intended “Language”.
  • In order to add photos, click on the “Select Image” button. Choose your desired image.
  • Enter the title of the news up to the 100 characters.
  • Enter the “Short Description” section up to 200 characters. Enter the short description accurately, because it is very effective on the result of search engines.
  • Enter the “Full Description” section up to 10.000 characters.
  • If it was necessary, you can limit the publishing time period (More Information).
  • If the information is complete and you are sure about the accuracy of the information, check the "Published" option. You can also use this option, if you want your news not to be published for a temporary period of time.
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