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How can I register my basic good's information on abarlink website?

In order to register your basic product’s information, go to the “Warehouse->Add Product” menu and take the following actions:

  • You must first select a category for your product. Please select the latest category level. In order to find your intended category, you can use the “Search” section. After selecting the category, click on the “Save and Continue Edit” button.
  • Complete the product information form such as below:
  • Enter the "Product Name" up to 100 characters.
  • Enter the product’s "Short Description" up to 1000 characters.
  • In the "Product Tags" section, you can enter a tag for your product.
  • Enter the Global Trade Item Number at the "GTIN" section. (More Information)
  • In the “Pictures” section you can import up to 10 images.
  • In the "Product’s Details" section, you can enter or select the specifications of your product.
  • Click the "Register and Publish" button. The entered information on this page will be saved.
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