abarlink Services – Supply Chain

abarlink’s portal has been created to make your business better by simplifying supply chain in procurement activities. abarlink services consists of cooperation and coordination with supply chain partners, including; Suppliers, Intermediaries, Third Party Providers, Logistic Services and Customers. Some of the abarlink’s services are currently active and some will be active soon. Including:

Business Profile Management

You can create a profile for your business in several languages whether you are the service or product providers or the recipient. Information, goods and your company or business services are shared with everyone in this profile, along with your address, comments of other users and other information that is needed between supply chain partners. Of course, some more important information will be shown to your business partners only with your permission.

Since the adaptation among your business information and what you have announced is important for your business partners, you can enable abarlink’s validation service for yourself.

Catalog Management

Every business or company has a product or service to offer. You can insert your goods and services in several languages into your abarlink portal by considering your target market, share them with your supply chain partners, or your potential customers can find your goods and services by using internal search engine. Of course, we provide solutions to accelerate the introduction of your products to users.

Currently, abarlink supports 30 main categories of products with more than 8000 sub categories. abarlink has provided more than 4000 specifications for goods and services in its own database by default, which will be added every day. However, users can register more specifications for their goods and services by themselves.

Business Validation

Finding a trusted business partner or seller of products and services that are authentic is always a concern for businesses. abarlink’s validation service evaluates a company or business with different methods directly, or by its partners.

Also, users and customers credit rating system authenticate the business while sharing the quality of service provision for other users. abarlink has considered 3 certification levels for businesses that includes:

1 - Preliminary : The preliminary certification confirms the authenticity of; Address, E-mail and business phone number.

2 - Approved :In addition to the preliminary certification, the approved certification confirms the documents and certificates presented in the business or company profile after evaluation.

3 - Guaranteed : In addition to the actions of the first and second certifications, the guaranteed certification provides some warranties for doing business to the trade side. The size and type of these guarantees may vary depending on the type of services.

Business Partner Service

All companies and businesses have their own supply chain partners who generally supply raw materials, distribute products, receive or provide services through them. These supply partners can even not be a member of abarlink.

You can create collective and individual networks to receive or provide goods or services by using abarlink’s business partner services. For example, a dairy company can share the advertising supply of milk product bottles for milk bottle suppliers that has been approved previously.

Tender Management Service

When a business wants to get a service or product at the best conditions and price, takes it to a tender. abarlink has provided tender service at the disposal of the recipients of the portal services, according to bidder conditions in the form of public, limited, normal, reserved or private.

Auction Management Service

If you have any good or service that you want to sell it at the highest price, abarlink’s auction service has provided a grate solution for it. With this service you can make your good public, limited, normal, reserved, or privately auctioned.

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