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    Poly Ethylene Manhole

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    Product Specifications

    • Application : Industrial Water
    • Panel Size (m) : 1*1
    • Material : FRP
    • Wall Board Thickness (mm) : 10
    • Weight (Kg) : 75
    • Capacity (Cubic) : 1000


    Polyethylene prefabricated manhole is used for use in industrial sewage systems and household sewage. Considering the increasing use of polymer products in various industries in the world, this product can be a good alternative to concrete manholes or cementitious materials made with building materials.

    (Advantages of polyethylene manholes compared to traditional manholes (concrete and brick

    Low cost in the construction and commissioning of polyethylene manholes compared to concrete manholes

    Much less time in implementing polyethylene manholes than concrete manholes

    Resistance to corrosion of various materials as a unique property of polyethylene manholes

    The need for polyethylene mannequins to run on heavy machinery

    The durability of polyethylene mangoes in chemical and / or moist environments, resulting in increased life span, especially in humid areas.

    No need for polyethylene manholes to repair and the possibility of changing the length of the manhole even after the completion of the project

    Ease of maintenance due to smooth and regular surfaces in the body of polyethylene manholes

    The easy installation of polyethylene manholes in sewage pipelines and consequently a significant reduction in operating costs, especially in large projects, are the benefits of polyethylene manholes.

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