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    SCADA systems in dispatching, F&G and ESD stations

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    SCADA systems and systems (SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) have been in use for the purpose of controlling and monitoring various processes, systems and equipment in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and today, using advanced equipment And modern, SCADA systems have become an inevitable part in these industries. SCADA systems are generally used to control and monitor the process in a wide geographical area and remotely, and various telecommunication platforms such as radio and satellite links, optical fiber, LAN communication networks, PSTN telephone lines and GSM platforms. and GPRS are widely used for this purpose. The telemetry and remote control unit of Afarinesh System Company has been able to provide fast and accurate support and services in addition to eliminating the high costs of importing foreign equipment by producing the hardware and software requirements of this system. brought to the oil and gas industry. In the following, we will describe some important applications of SCADA, control/monitoring and remote reading systems in the oil and gas industry.

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