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    Start-ups are essential for the continual growth and relevance for Singapore. Singapore's next stage of economic development cannot be competing on just being more efficient or having better implementation than our competitors. It has to be through innovation. Entrepreneurship is crucial to Singapore's drive towards becoming an innovation-centric economy and financing are integral to a start-up's survival and growth. As a startup, it is not easy to obtain venture capital or angel funds. Fund Singapore will bridge this gap by doing the first-mile vesting. By extending equity investments to these startups, Fund Singapore will potentially bring these startups to fruition, and deliver change and process. While these startups bear higher risk, these risks are partially mitigated through our PRIS framework and expert panellists. We bring in variety of views and knowledge to access these startups to reduce the chances of failure and loss of capital. Through Fund Singapore, we want to challenge innovators to focus on their ideas, work hard and dream big. No great idea should halt due to lack of funding. Investors will get to participate and benefit in the profits if these startups succeed.

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