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    Handy pack white cement

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    • Feature : Decorative
    • Feature : Refractory


    Measure quantities accurately, a bucket or gauge box is recommended

    1. Refer to mix table below for your particular usage requirements

    2. Mix thoroughly using the least amount of water to obtain a workable mix. Excess water will weaken the strength and durability of the concrete or mortar

    3. Always compact your concrete thoroughly by tamping or vibrating

    4. Make sure that if you are using steel reinforcement in your project that it is well covered with concrete

    5. Screed off evenly and avoid overworking the surface

    6. Leave to allow excess water to drain off

    7. Fully cure your finished concrete by keeping it damp and covered for at least 7 days

    8. Avoid using paths for 3-4 days and driveways for 10-14 days, longer in winter

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