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    Meat Grinder Model MG-1800

    • 6,220,000ریال |

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    Product Specifications

    • Material : Plastic
    • Material : Aluminium
    • Procedure : Full-Automatic
    • Capacity : 1200 gram
    • Power (W) : 700
    • Voltage (V) : 220-230


    Recommendations for using Pars Khazar meat grinder
    1. When using the Pars Khazar meat grinder, divide the meat as small as possible into pieces, and uniformly and at least push it to the meat grinder continuously in the machine.
    2. It has been seen that many women add onions to meat to save time and energy or because of the time when they turn meat, this is not suitable for technical reasons, because onion water causes All blades will slow down and its penetration into the engine will shorten the life of this fellow.
    3. Try to use non-veal meat to grind, because it is a meat grinder, not a veil!
    4. If the amount of meat you want to rotate is high, be sure to turn off the machine every 10 minutes to cool its engine.
    5. Turning off the empty meat grinder will cause heat to heat up and eventually wear out.
    6. To prolong the life of your device, keep it out of humid environments and be careful when leveling it.
    7. The pressure on the meat grinder of the Pars Khazar meat grinder is not only effective at the speed of operation, it also reduces the spiral of the meat grinder and slowly exits the meat.
    8. If you feel that the meat grinder squeezes it instead of removing the minced meat, it turns out that the blades are slow and should be washed.
    9. Do not use sharpen blades for your device, and do this to people because the blades must be carefully and shifted from each side.
    10. After the meat is over, use some dry bread to make sure all meat is out of the machine.
    11. When finished, wash all parts of the Pars Khazar meat grinder with dishwashing liquid.

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