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    RSC Craft Cartons (Brown Color) And Unprinted

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    Product Specifications

    • Features : Recyclable,Waterproof,High Strength,Bio-Degradable,Shock Resistance,Moisture Proof
    • Material : Paper
    • Cardboard Types : Floot B
    • Cardboard Types : Floot C
    • Cardboard Types : Floot E
    • Cardboard Board Types : Single Wall
    • Cardboard Board Types : Double wall


    33 years experience and honest service

    It's inadequate to know if we are just a carton manufacturer and cardboard box. Our speed is very high quality in the production of cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes, and rivals do not come across, and at the same time, our prices are quite affordable and competitive. Our commitment to providing the best service is unique and general, and over the years, our customers are always satisfied with our service, which distinguishes our account from other competitors.

    Speed, durability, reliability

    For the convenience of our customers, we have provided the online order form of cardboard boxes and cardboard boxes so that they can be ordered as soon as possible. Well-crafted designers, experienced consultants and carbolds, and a factory with a total area of ​​3,000 square meters are loyal to our commitment to the perpetrators. Customers can order their cardboard or carton boxes online or online, taking into account their unique features, and deliver their order on the next day if necessary. We are proud to deliver 99% of our customers' orders on time and in no time.

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