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    Single, double and triple wall detergent tanks

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    Product Specifications

    • Condition : New
    • Material : Stainless Steel
    • Feature : Easy Operation


    Detergent tanks: Today, we see the major role of steel and polyethylene detergent tanks in small and large industries for the production and maintenance of various products. One of the industries in the country that gives great importance to the existence of this type of holding and stirring tanks. The sanitary industry is the production of cleaning materials.

    Detergent tanks are produced in different types and each of them depends on the type of material it is intended for. stored in it or according to the amount of thermal insulation they are supposed to be. They have a special use. Meanwhile, our focus is more on steel detergent tanks. Because these tanks have a better performance compared to other types in terms of temperature resistance and retaining the effects of raw materials such as color and smell.

    The general shape of these tanks is cylindrical. But an important point that should be considered when making them. The design of the top and bottom of these tanks. In fact, a good detergent tank is a tank whose upper and lower surfaces are made convex to completely drain liquids and bear the weight of the engine and are completely level with the ground. Alfa Tank industrial and production group is proud to serve you with the design and production of these tanks.
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