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    Saviz Antioxidants Lipstick

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    Product Specifications

    • Ingredient : Chemical
    • Form : Pencil
    • Waterproof : Yes
    • Type : Dry


    The cocoa butter in this product is a natural and edible material that is extracted from cocoa beans and protects and softens the skin of the lips and prevents cracking and drying of the lips. It also has antioxidant properties and It is hydrating. Cinnamon waxes are extracted from the carnivores' tropical Palm leaves, which make the lips soft and smooth. This product contains natural beeswax and also has a nice softness due to the presence of isopepyl myristates and octyl dudecanol. The Cosmetic Lipstick is designed in a variety of colors for different tastes, and all the colors used in it are color-approved cosmetic-sanitary.

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