Standard Plan

After you registered on abarlink, you will be immediately subscribed to the “Starter Plan” by default and by upgrading your membership plan to “standard”, you can use higher levels of services. For example:

  • You are able to register more products.
  • You can select more categorization for your product, so they will be seen more and better.
  • You get more storage space to save your photos and files.
  • Your business will be evaluated by abarlink and after receiving the confirmation, you will be recognized better and customers will trust to deal with you more.
  • You will receive more deal requests and performa invoices.

Capability of registering goods and services

Every business or company has a good or service to offer. You can insert your goods and services in several languages into your abarlink portal by considering your target market, share them with your supply chain partners, or your potential customers can find your goods and services by using internal search engine. You can register 100 products on standard plan.

Capability of categorizing goods and services

In order for customers to have an easy access to your product information on, you need to set your product in a specific category. These categories are actually the main topics of our site and all products are set in one or more of them. Website categories are accessible through its home page and users can easily refer to the special page for each category. In standard plan, you can select 3 category for your goods and services.

Files and photos saving storage

If you want your products to be seen more and better on abarlink website, you can insert some photos for your goods and services. You can also insert some photos to introduce your company or business. abarlink website gives you a saving storage for your goods and service’s files and photos. In the standard plan, 3 GB of space will be given to you.


Capability of registering product with several currencies

On you can insert a price for each available currency on the site for your product. This will allow customers to view your product prices with their intended currency. 

Capability of requesting business confirmation

There are some considered credit ratings for companies on abarlink website that you can send us a request for each one of them for your company. Obviously, your company's credit rating will be considered by your customers and based on that, they decide to trade with you.

We have a number of verified inspection companies that we refer inspection requests to them. These companies will examine some parameters of your company, such as; email address, phone number, post address, company’s licenses and so on, and they send us the results. Based on these results, we will grant your requested credit rating to you if possible. It should be noted that based on the requested credit rating type, the number of parameters to examine will vary. For example; in the first type of credit rating, your email address and phone number will be checked and if these items approved, the credit rating level 1 will be granted to your company.

Capability of swapping products

This section of the abarlink website, allows you to exchange your goods and services with other’s goods or services. 

Online chat for products

You can ask your questions about goods and services that you are viewing on abarlink website from the owner of them by using the “Chat” button and they can also answer your questions online. 

Creating business profile

You can create a profile for your business in several languages whether you are the service or product providers or the recipient. Information, goods and your company or business services are shared with everyone in this profile, along with your address, comments of other users and other information that is needed between supply chain partners. Of course, some more important information will be shown to your business partners only with your permission.

Capability of submitting quotation request

You can ask the owner of any goods or services to send you the “Quotation” of that product to you. In the standard plan, you can submit 150 quotation requests.

Capability of responding to quotation request

Site users are able to ask you for the “Quotation” of your inserted goods and services. In the standard plan, you can respond to 1000 requests.


Capability of specifying tags for goods and services

It is very common that many products come up with the same topics or features. But to have a better general structure and easier use for users, we should be able to categorize the similarities which are not specified in our general categorization. Here, the concept of “tag” comes up. In fact, we just need to create one tag for our intended topic or feature and label it on all related products. Each tag creates one page on our website that includes all related products. Actually, tag’s function is just like the categorization, with the difference of less importance and it is not meant to be placed on the main page of the site. Therefore, it is suggested to consider a tag for each category that contains products with similar features, before inserting your product’s information on the site. In the standard plan, you are able to use 500 tags for your products.

Business Partners

All companies and businesses have their own supply chain partners who generally supply raw materials, distribute products, receive or provide services through them. These supply partners can even not be a member of abarlink. You can create collective and individual networks to receive or provide goods or services by using abarlink’s business partner services. For example, a dairy company can share the advertising supply of milk product bottles for milk bottle suppliers that has been approved previously. In the standard plan, you can register 10 business partners in your profile.

Importing and exporting product data via XML and EXCEL

You can insert your products information via excel and xml files. You can also export the product information that you have inserted to the website as the excel and xml files.


Register telegram public groups or channels

 After you have registered your goods and services information and news on the abarlink website, it is now possible to post this information to your business telegram public groups or channels. Please note that, first of all you need to have a public channel or group on the telegram with the administrator access level. In the standard plan, you can register 4 telegram public groups or channels.


Ability to receive notification text message

When users send quotations, pre-invoices, queries and contacting with the supplier requests to your company, in order to notify you, abarlink website can send you a message to your mobile number that you have registered and verified on the website. In the standard membership plan you can receive up to 50 notification messages.


Ability to receive notification email

.When users send quotations, pre-invoices, queries and contacting with the supplier requests to your company, in order to notify you, abarlink website can send you an email to your external and internal email address that you have registered with on the website. In the standard membership plan you can receive up to 50 notification internal emails and 50 external emails.


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