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What goods are prohibited to register on abarlink website?

Abarlink will limit or disable its services to companies or businesses that do not comply with the following items:

1- The advertisement, sale and supply of the following goods and services are generally forbidden on abarlink website:

1-1- Stolen asset (Property) and items with removed (ruined) serial number.

1-2- All types of drugs and psychedelicsubstances including; natural and industrial, along with their production and usage equipment.

1-3- Stolen or illegal codes to access software and services, and specific programs to break the protection system of other programs.

1-4- All types of weapons and war equipment, their parts and accessories.

1-5- All types of chemical, microbial and radioactive materials that have military applications.

1-6- Offensive Material (items that offend morality, materials promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance, offensive goods or materials, derogatory, abusive words, insults).

1-7- All types of pornography and prostitution services (It does not include health and care products)

1-8- Gambling (any variety of casino games, including poker, roulette, bingo, baccarat, bookmaking – any type of betting on any sorts of events) lottery tickets

1-9- Artifacts, culturally valuable art and historical objects located/stored at the country of the consumer.

1-10- Used cosmetics.

1-11- Counterfeit currency, counterfeit coins and counterfeit stamps.

1-12- Government documents, IDs, licenses

1-13- Human parts and remains.

1-14- Bulk or unsolicited mail lists and numbers, data for access to e-mails, social networks, phone nets, message services or any lists that contain personal data.

1-15- Items, encouraging illegal activity or links to items, promoting others to engage in illegal activity.

1-16- Prohibited items promulgating violence, racial intolerance or economic benefit from illegal activity, including illegal sexual services and any other services that contradict with the System’s Code.

1-17- Illegal /piracy audio or video recordings.

1-18- Counterfeit or infringing goods.

1-19- Alcoholic beverages that are prohibited from distributing and selling in the consumer country.

1-20- Mod-chips, game emulators, boot disks and devices.

1-21- Request of donation in any ways.

1-22- Financial or payment instruments, that do not ensure proper KYC procedures and customers identification for the purposes of fighting illicit trafficking, financial fraud, illegal proceeds and money laundering.

1-23- Multi-level marketing, pyramids, HYIPs and matrix.

2- Prohibited goods and services which selling them is not permitted to the final consumer. These goods and services are only permitted for legal firms with authorization to operate with or for these materials and equipment:

2-1- Prescription drugs and other components of drugs, including; chemical and herbal drugs.

2-2- All types of raw materials to produce pharmaceutical narcotic products, pharmaceutical steroids products and psychedelicsubstances drugs and materials.

2-3- Substances formulas and method of making.

2-4- Electronic devices including equipment deemed unlawful by the consumer's country of residence (for example radar scanners, and traffic signal control devices, surveillance equipment, wiretapping devices, and telephone bugging devices, etc.)

2-5- Non-sports firearms and their replicas, cold and thrown weapons (Non-sports), physical protection equipment, inhibitor sprays, Tasers.

2-6- Dangerous and hazardous goods, perishable or restricted items (for example explosives, radioactive materials, toxic substances, batteries, fireworks, Freon, etc.)

2-7- Uniforms and military degrees of countries.

2-8- Lock picking devices.

2-9- Tobacco goods.

2-10- Shares and other securities.

Attention: The goods or services provided by you may be reported by other members of abarlink website that you gave them the access. These reports will be reviewed under the abarlink system agreement and if it is against the consumer country or international laws, it will be deleted from the available product list.


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