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What is Stock Keeping Units (SKU)?

 SKU is the abbreviation of “Stock Keeping Units”. SKU is the unique code of a product that can be numbers, letters or a combination of both of them.

The “SKU” of a product can be like the following items:

  • For example; the SKU of a book can be its ISBN (International Standard Book Number), which is inserted as a number (e.g. 6150924568) at the beginning of the book.
  • We can consider the ‘MA206’ code for a motherboard. (M for motherboard), (A for asus) and (number 206 for the 206series).

Product SKUs are used in a variety of departments such as warehouse, retail, e-commerce, production and packaging, sales and product tracking, product analysis, and product management. Each company uses a specific method to define the product SKU code. But the most common way is to be defined in such a way that contains all product features.

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