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What is the “Supporting Request” or “Ticket”?

Ticket is the guaranteed and continuous communication of customers with different sections of the company. Ticketing is a modern and global system for providing optimal and Systematic supports for a large number of users.

Each support request is defined in the form of a ticket, which is distinguished from others by number and topic and it is possible to examine a topic with multiple questions and answers in a conversation. Also, you can follow up your questions and problems through the ticketing system. (Including answered questions and respondent person(s)).

In ticket support system you can have an access to your item’s history and your questions in a submit order, without any worry of deleting them and if it was necessary, you can easily get access to them by entering to the “Support” menu. This is important because in some cases the same previous questions or problems occur that by reading previous tickets you will get your answer in the shortest time.

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